Regina Bentley

College Station, Texas

Associate VP for Academic Affairs, Health Science Center of Texas A&M

Since 1983, Regina Bentley, EdD, RN has been involved in the teaching and mentoring of nurses in the areas of maternal-infant care at multiple colleges and universities, as well as in the hospital setting.  She has also worked to introduce cultural competency to nursing, medicine, public health, dentistry and pharmacy students through international service learning.

Regina has worked with SIFAT since 2000 when she took her first mission trip to Venezuela.  While working at Auburn University, she began the Women’s Health Program in Quito, Ecuador.  This program continues today under the direction of Kathy Jo Ellison, DSN, RN. In 2008, Regina moved to College Station, Texas.  She immediately began an International Service Learning Program for interprofessional groups of faculty and students. Projects in Ecuador and Bolivia have been conducted for the past four years. While in College Station, she has served as Associate Dean of the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Nursing and currently serves as the Associate VP for Academic Affairs in the Health Science Center.  In September 2012, Regina will return to her home state, Alabama, where she will become the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs at The University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing.