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SIFAT Campus Building Adoption Partnership


  • To glorify God by working together as the body of Christ (I Cor. 12:12)
  • To engage local faith communities in SIFAT’s ministry of “Sharing God’s love through service, education and personal involvement with a needy world”   (Matt. 25: 14-46)
  • To improve the overall appearance and efficiency of SIFAT’s Campus through the gracious service of fellow believers (I John 3:17)

What SIFAT will provide:

SIFAT will provide service opportunities and direction to utilize the Adoptive Partner’s time, talents, gifts and service.  SIFAT will provide an overall vision and direction for the utilization of the building being adopted.

SIFAT will also provide seasonal and daily maintenance on adopted building as needs arise throughout the year.

What is asked of the Adoptive Partners:

Adoptive Partners will be asked to attend service trips to the SIFAT Campus to assess, brainstorm and perform needed repairs and improvements to the adopted building and its surrounding grounds.  Adoptive Partners will also asked to contribute financially towards any needed repairs and improvements based on the square footage of the building.  The minimum amount Adoptive Groups will be asked to provide is $1 per square foot of their adopted building.  This financial commitment can also be met through in-kind services donated by the Adoptive Group!

How to Adopt-a-Building:

Step 1:  Pray for discernment in which building that God is leading your group to adopt.

Step 2: Choose a building!!!  (Pictures of each building can be provided upon request)

Step 3:  Schedule an initial visit to SIFAT’s Campus with at least one or more partners from your group to assess the building that you choose to adopt.   This can be a day visit or you can choose to stay in the building overnight (if the building has sleeping quarters).  Along with a SIFAT staff member, a year-long maintenance outline for the building will be created based on the skills and talents of the Adoptive Partners!  SIFAT will provide a calendar guide for the Adoptive Partners to know when the building will be available to be renewed and renovated.

Step 4:  Present maintenance outline for your building to your group and begin discerning the best way to execute the maintenance plan.  Remember, many hands make light work, so be sure to think outside the box on ways you can engage your community members and other local tradesmen and women in your building plan!

Step 5:  Celebrate!!!  As you serve on SIFAT’s Campus, observe how God will unite believers in the unifying goal of bringing your adopted building up to an excellent standard!  This will also be a great way to engage people outside of your faith community to engage in the joy of serving Christ!

Step 6:  Spread the word!  We are asking groups to commit to a year-long adoption of each building.  Once groups have fulfilled the minimum one year commitment, we would love to see your group help SIFAT to get the building adopted for the following year.  This might mean your group chooses to renew their commitment for another year-long adoption of the building or your group might recruit another group to continue in the work that your group has completed!

Please note:  Based on the diversity of buildings and diversity of Adoptive Partners, SIFAT is willing to customize each group’s maintenance plan to best fit both the needs of SIFAT and also the Partner.  For instance, we encourage our partners to make at least 3 trips to SIFAT’s Campus in their one year commitment, but that might not be feasible for a partnering group from Texas.  Our goal is to encourage groups to do as much as they can, wherever they can and God will provide the other pieces to the overall maintenance plan!

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