Bullen, a 2015 SIFAT graduate, is working with refugees from his home country of South Sudan who have fled to Uganda because of civil war.

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Project: To build a simple community church with a garden next to it in a South Sudanese refugee camp in Uganda.


Bullen, like more than one million others, has been forced to flee his home in South Sudan because of civil war. Bullen shared that during his eight years in the USA, he knew God wanted him to return to share the love of Christ with his people. What he did not know was that it would be in Uganda in refugee camps.

In his own words, Bullen shares his project’s vision:

The “CC+C Uganda” project is two-fold. I would like to propose the building of a community flat with a roof for a church meeting place, as well as digging and seeding a garden next to it for the people’s food source. In the refugee camps, land does not have to be purchased. A pod of people living in an area simply work together to clear a plot of land for the building and the garden. The project would consist of purchasing building and roofing materials, transportation of such materials many miles into the camps, the purchase of gardening tools and seeds for the community garden. The refugees will construct the building and dig and plant the gardens.

Project 18-7: Community Church & Crops

Project Goal:



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