“Sometimes, a little thing can make a big difference in one’s life.”

– Sarah Corson, SIFAT co-founder

S21-1: Differently Able Students Learning Handicrafts by Awon in India

S21-2: Solar Dehydrator to Preserve Food by Hector in Honduras

S21-3: Raising Pigs by Moises in Honduras

S21-4: Improving Access to Micronutrients and Vitamins by Josue in Honduras

S21-5: Storage and Custody of Local Seeds by Noelia in Honduras

S21-6: Production of Organic Fertilizers by Louis in Honduras

S21-7: Finish Building Walipini (solar underground garden) by Angel in Bolivia

S21-8: Pyrolyser to make Charcoal by David in Guatemala

S21-9: Vertical Garden in a Bag by Santiago in Bolivia