Aina and her husband Blossom are both SIFAT graduates. After serving in many countries in Africa, they have returned their native Nigeria.

Project Funded!

Project: To build a secure fence or wall around the Academy School in northern Nigeria.


The Academy School is in the open and needs a fence or wall around it for security reasons. In the northern part of Nigeria, several schools have been raided and children abducted. The Nigerian government has ordered that fences or walls be installed around every school to forestall these security breaches and intrusions. If no fence or wall is installed around school, the government is threatening to shut the school down. The Academy School is unable to provide sufficient funds to build the fence or wall and has asked SIFAT for needed funds to allow the fence to be built. The community, through volunteer labor and supplying some of the need material for the fence/wall, will provide more than 40 percent of the total cost of this fence or wall.


Project 19-8: School Fence

Project Goal:



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