Aina and her husband are both SIFAT graduates who work in a rural community in Nigeria.

Project Funded!


To provide clean drinking water to the Zargun community members and improve their health.


Women and children in Aina’s community often spent up to three hours in the morning and possibly again in the evening searching for water during the dry season. Because of this lack of clean drinking water, the health of the community members suffered, since they sometimes only found unclean, polluted water from sources shared by animals. This water led to typhoid, hepatitis, tapeworm and other problems.

Aina had a vision for a drilled well, a tower with a holding tank and a solar system to pump water into the tank. Water from this well is offered to the entire community free of charge. By providing clean water, Aina and Blossom, both SIFAT graduates, gain trust with the people they serve, as well as help the health of an entire community.


Project 17-1: Zargun Water Project

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