SIFAT’s work in the Quesimpuco area (Chaupirana Valley) continues with a water project benefiting schools.

Project Funded!

Project: To provide clean water (water filters, filter training and health education) to eight school districts in the Chaupirana sector of the municipality of Pocoata in Bolivia


A lack of clean water has long been an issue for many in Bolivia. Finding clean water proves to be one of the most critical issues as it relates to public health. Each year, children and adults die because of preventable diseases. With recent successful projects that have helped to secure water on a consistent basis, the new focus is on education and purifying the water for drinking to alleviate many ailments and to improve overall health of children and adults.  Auburn UMC has donated 100 water filters for this project. The funds raised for this project will go toward transportation, supplies, training materials and a team to educate teachers and students (benefiting 8 schools with 56 teachers and 736 students) on how to use the filters as well as the importance of drinking water.

Project 17-14: Sumaj Yacu Water Filter

Project Goal:



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