Isaiah’s ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo focuses on providing vocational training and rehabilitation to former child soldiers.

Project Funded!

Project: To purchase a block making machine that will generate income for the rehabilitation services and job skills training provided for former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The Child Action Ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was established in 2006 by SIFAT graduate Isaiah to address the struggles of former child soldiers (girls and boys) to reintegrate into their former communities. Many are shunned by family and friends, while others choose to return to the bush or commit crimes, such as stealing cattle. These young men and women experience physical and sexual abuse, psychological trauma, hunger, diseases and have no opportunity to obtain vocational training or to be exposed to Christian teachings. To address this horrible situation, the Child Action Ministries started a vocational school. The walls of the school were built by volunteers, and SIFAT donors contributed by paying for roofs for three classrooms. Training has included masonry, welding, sewing, farming, food processing, micro-industry, manufacturing smokeless cooking stoves and Leaf for Life techniques. Additionally, the school helps these former child soldiers to break barriers and facilitate their social reintegration.

This vocational school struggles financially as the students are unable to pay school fees. There is a need for cement blocks in this community, offering the opportunity to generate income using a Block Making Machine. Students can volunteer to produce these blocks with some training. Also, students will be able to market this acquired skill along with other skills they learn at this vocational school.


Project 19-11: Block Making Machine

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