Paul* founded a Christian school in rural Pakistan and needs to add a computer lab for his students.

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Project: To build a computer lab for a high school in rural Pakistan with primarily female students.


In 2002, Paul* began a school for girls that went through the 8th grade. With the help of SIFAT supporters, the school now goes through the 10th grade and students can continue to higher education. This computer lab will give access to the internet to high school students and teachers in Pakistan. They will also have the opportunity to learn computer skills. Currently, they have no access. This project will overcome a serious disadvantage students now experience when they go on to college level studies. The computer lab will enable students to learn valuable software, research and typing skills needed to be successful in higher education. This lab will also have computer learning, ESL and other educational software.
By investing in the education and development of these at-risk children, they are able to break out of the cycle of poverty.
Note: Paul is a pseudonym for our graduate living and serving in his homeland of Pakistan. For safety, please use the name Paul when sharing about his work online.

Project 19-5: High School Computer Lab

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