Paul* founded a Christian school in rural Pakistan.

Project Funded!

Project: To buy a four-wheel jeep for a Christian school in rural Pakistan.


Over many years, a SIFAT graduate established a Christian school in Pakistan, a place where education for girls and Christianity is, to say the least, a big challenge. In 2017, SIFAT donors helped this school add ninth and tenth grades, which allows the students to attend college for a professional degree. We celebrated with the teachers and the students!

A tractor with a wagon is needed to transport teachers and students during inclement weather and as an emergency vehicle to go to the hospital, which is eight miles away. The school is located in a remote rural location 1.5 miles off the main road. Because of the muddy and sometimes flooded roads, motor bikes and rickshaws are unable to operate, making it impossible for teachers and some students to get to school. Additionally, it is not safe for females to walk through agriculture fields and roads due to the risk of sexual harassment and rape. This tractor can also be used as a rental to plow nearby fields, which will help raise money for the school.

*Note: Paul is a pseudonym for our graduate living and serving in his homeland of Pakistan. For safety, please use the name Paul when sharing about his work online.


Project 19-10: Jeep for School

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