Because those living with disabilities in Kenya are often living as outcasts, Peter is helping create a chicken and egg business, so that they can earn a living.

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Project: Because people with both physical and mental disabilities are often shunned in Kenya, they cannot find jobs. By establishing a chicken and egg farm with the help of caregivers, these disabled people will have a means of income.


Peter’s project will support groups of people living with disabilities by producing chickens and eggs to create a viable livelihood. In Kenya, people living with disabilities are discriminated against, stigmatized and not given equal opportunities to compete for employment. They are often not allowed to express their views in development matters. Their voices and concerns are not heard as the other members of society consider people living with disabilities as “outcasts.” The project will support five groups of 22 people living with disabilities for a total of 110 beneficiaries. A chicken business was selected because chickens are not as hard to manage compared to other animals, such as livestock.

Project 19-12: Improved Livelihood for Disabled

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