Peter is serving among women and youth in Kenya.

Project Funded!

Project: To train vulnerable women and youth in skills to strengthen economic empowerment


Peter’s project is designed to train women in skills that will allow them to do the following four things:

  1. Learn how to pool their money with others to establish credit, and subsequently, be able to take on and pay back individual loans that allow them to gain income from small, successful microenterprise efforts.
  2. Learn a “behavioral change process” to improve relationships within the family
  3. Learn about use of fuel-efficient, minimum smoke cook stoves to reduce time in gathering fuel, and to avoid health issues from inhalation of smoke.
  4. Learn about tree planting methods so they can have more cooking fuel available (and also help Kenya move from 3% forest coverage to 10% by 2030).

This project will also train youth groups in the establishment of beehives as a moneymaking business.

Project 17-15: Strengthening Economic Empowerment Among the Vulnerable Women and Youth in Kericho County, Kenya

Project Goal:



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