Raphael and his wife Helen work with refugee families from northern Nigeria.

Project Funded!

Project: To purchase 6.5 acres of farmland and teach the refugee men how to farm to provide for their families.


Since 2008, nearly 2 million people have fled their ancestral homes in northeastern Nigeria trying to escape terrorists. These refugees have lost their homes and everything they own. There is widespread hunger and lack of basic needs. They are desperate, because they cannot take care of themselves or their families. Raphael’s development group, BACCOT, has already been working with these refugee families.

With the help of SIFAT donors, Raphael purchased 6.5 acres of farmland. He uses this land to teach the men how to farm, which gives them the opportunity to raise food for families with surplus to sell. Pray with us for Raphael and his wife Helen as they work with refugee families both spiritually and physically, helping them to leave their bitterness, anger and hurt in the hands of Jesus and rebuild their lives.

Project 17-2: Farmland (Phase 1)

Project Goal:



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