Robert, a SIFAT graduate from Cameroon, is implementing agriculture techniques and sustainability practices he learned at SIFAT to help his community have food security and economic growth.

Project Funded!

Project: To create community food security and resilience by bringing local farmers together to market their corn and learn improved crop yield appropriate technologies.

Through this project, SIFAT graduate Robert from Cameroon wants to create food security and resilience within his community. The project aims to address the pressing issue of food security, particularly in areas where access to nutritious and affordable food is limited. The project team will establish a network of local farmers, who will contribute their corn to a centralized collection point. The collected corn will be processed and sold at fair market prices, generating income for these farmers, while providing an essential staple crop to the community. This method not only fosters economic sustainability, but also ensures that individuals have a stable source of nourishment. Additionally, this project teaches SIFAT-promoted farming techniques and sustainable agricultural practices, further enhancing long-term resilience. By building upon existing strengths within the community and promoting self-reliance, Robert’s project offers a comprehensive solution to combat food insecurity, while fostering economic growth in an environmentally conscious manner.

Project 23-07: Corn Collection and Marketing

Project Goal: $5,353

Fully Funded!

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