Sam, through his organization Friends of the Needy, needs to buy land to build a vocational training school.

Fully Funded!

Project: To purchase land in Uganda that will be home to a vocational training school in a community where unemployment is high.


Sam, a SIFAT graduate from Uganda, leads an organization called Friends of the Needy and has successfully completed two SIFAT graduate projects since 2017. His current project is to purchase land that will be used to build a self-sustaining vocational school in a community unemployment is high.The land to be purchased already has access to power and water.

This school will be primarily for training women and at-risk young people. They will be taught skills that they can use to become self-employed to provide for themselves and their families. The scarcity of jobs is so severe that some women are unable to find jobs even with a college education. Courses to be taught include tailoring, knitting, building skills, hair weaving, motor mechanics, motorcycle repairs and other SIFAT appropriate technologies.


Project 19-7: Vocational School Land

Project Goal:



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