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Learn & Serve Summer Experience

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The Learn & Serve (L&S) summer training experience gives North American youth a holistic view of the world and challenges them to explore how God is calling us to share His love in practical ways. Every summer, roughly 650 students visit SIFAT’s 176-acre campus to learn during a 5-night, 6-day program. Through interactive programming and simulations, L&S strives to build a bridge between the many people and cultures of this world. After receiving a global view, participants are encourage to think globally, and act locally, as they are challenged and equipped with tools to help them serve in their local communities back home. Rising 7th -12th grade youth are invited to come to SIFAT and experience what life is like for two-thirds of our brothers and sisters around the world!

  • Experience  poverty first-hand: During L&S, participants have the opportunity to live like a citizen  of a developing country through overnight experiences in SIFAT’s simulated  Global Village and Urban Slum. In these two different settings, students will experience first-hand the difficulty and challenges associated  with meeting basic human needs in developing rural and urban areas in  our world today.
  • Learn simple solutions to world-wide problems: After beginning to understand  the difficulty of meeting basic human needs through experiences in SIFAT’s  Global Village and Urban Slum, participants are taught  simple and practical solutions to the challenges they have faced. Students  receive hands-on training in appropriate technology—simple solutions  to challenges like malnutrition, water pollution, and smoke inhalation.  These life saving technologies are used today by graduates of SIFAT’s  International Training and directly connect L&S participants  to people across the world.
  • Share God’s love in practical ways: Students first receive a global view of the world and are then led to develop their  understanding of how to love practically in their own community. During  the week, students get the opportunity to serve in SIFAT’s surrounding  community, this provides them with a practical example of ways to put  teaching into action when they return home.
  • Respond through small groups, worship, and teaching: All participants are divided into small groups led by college-age counselors.  The  L&S staff will guide students through each element of the Summer Experience.  During small group time, students are able to think critically and respond to the teaching they received during the week. Teaching, small groups,  and worship help students biblically connect their faith with everything  they encounter throughout their week at SIFAT.

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Looking Ahead: Summer 2018 Dates

Session 1: June 10 – 15

Session 2: June 17 – 22 – College Week

Session 3: June 24 – 29

Session 4: July 8 – 13 – Family Week

Session 5: July 15 – 20 

Session 6: July 22 – 27

Summer 2017 Registration Information

To register for Learn & Serve Summer 2017, a Registration Form must be submitted and deposits paid to confirm registration. After SIFAT received the Registration Form and confirmation deposit, an email will be sent from L&S staff containing a contract and invoice of payment. The contract must be signed and returned to complete the registration process. Download and print the following PDF to mail in your Registration Form.

Learn & Serve Group Registration Form 2017

Learn & Serve Individual Registration Form 2017

Important Registration Information: Learn & Serve costs $299 (USD) per participant, and this fee includes everything a participant will need during his/her time at SIFAT. A $75 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required to reserve a space.

Cancellation Policy: For all registered participants, a $75 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required. Your Confirmation Date will be 60 days prior to the first day of the session your group is attending Learn & Serve. On your Confirmation Date, the number of spaces you have reserved will be confirmed. You will be billed for the full amount ($299/participant) based on the number of spaces you have reserved on that date. It is your responsibility to notify SIFAT if your numbers need to be reduced or increased prior to your Confirmation Date. In the event that 60 days before your event falls on a weekend, the following Monday will serve as your Confirmation Date. Your Confirmation Date will be on all invoices you receive during the registration process. For more information regarding L&S Summer ’16 registration information, please contact us at!


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