Isaiah’s ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo focuses on providing vocational training and rehabilitation to former child soldiers. His leadership keeps this ministry growing successfully. His past projects are 17-03 and 19-11.

Project Funded!

Project: To purchase a mobile cement mixer to aid in the making and selling of decorative concrete blocks, while helping former child soldiers learn marketable skills.


SIFAT graduate Isaiah’s vocational trade school, located in the Democratic Republic of the Condo (DRC), teaches former child soldiers vocational skills. One skill taught at this school is learning how to make cement blocks using a special concrete block making machine. Isaiah worked with SIFAT to buy that machine on a previous project, and it is now producing blocks that can be sold to help fund the school.

While the block making machine is a real asset that allows the students to produce unique blocks, mixing cement in the street results in inadequate quality blocks. A mixer produces better quality concrete in less time. Besides learning practical labor skills, Isaiah’s vocational school teaches its students the business practices needed to help them operate profitable future businesses when they are on their own.

Project 23-08: Cement Mixer

Project Goal:


Fully Funded!

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