Pastor Obi reaches out to rural communities with medical aid. He wants to address the root cause of sickness by getting clean drinking water for these families who keep getting sick. He has successfully completed four previous projects 17-11, 18-05, 18-06 and 21-01.

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Project: To drill a borehole well in Gbo ll Community, Katsina-Ala, a rural community in Nigeria, to combat the illnesses caused by lack of clean drinking water.


Pastor Obi, a SIFAT graduate from Nigeria, has successfully led four previous projects: 17-11, 18-05 18-06 and 21-01.

This borehole well project will address the potable water challenge of a Gbo ll Community, Katsina-Ala, a rural community. Their main water source is from a river, though other sources include seasonal rain water, open shallow wells and stagnant ponds. The river’s water quality is very poor and not suitable for drinking. It causes sicknesses, including river blindness, bilharzia, skin diseases and typhoid.

Gbo ll Community, Katsina-Ala is home to at least 175 households and most have at least eight people in each home. Therefore, a minimum of 1,400 people will benefit. Most people are farmers who live below the poverty level. Availability of potable water in the community has been a major challenge. Attempts have been made to manage the sicknesses by occasionally administering medical aid. Because the major cause has not been addressed, this approach is not effective. Providing the community with clean, safe water from a well will significantly improve the health of people living in Gbo ll Community, Katsina-Ala.

Project 23-02: Borehole in Gbo II

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