SIFAT graduate Raphael and his wife Helen work with refugees within Nigeria and at-risk women to help families survive.

Project: To train disadvantaged women in business and skill acquisition, so they can become self sustaining and provide for their families.


Raphael, a SIFAT graduate from Nigeria, has successfully completed three graduate projects: 17-02, 17-08 and 17-16.

His latest project focuses on business training and skill acquisition, particularly for disadvantaged or at-risk women. The project participants receive training and then what Raphael calls an “in-kind” loan. It is not a cash loan, but a given quantity of a product that they can either use to make something to sell (soap, petroleum jelly) or sell the products themselves for a profit (agricultural products). Then, they take the profit and reinvest in themselves and the small business. When executed properly, the assistance becomes self-sustaining and can generate a consistent income for the ladies, keeping them out of extreme poverty. Some of these are widows, single mothers, wives of men with health issues who cannot work, or women facing other challenges.

Project 20-07: Skill Acquisition and Small Business Training

Project Goal:



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