Sam, through his organization Friends of the Needy, needs to add facilities to the land purchased for a vocational school.

Project Funded!

Project: To build facilities for a vocational school to train women and at-risk young people in a community with high unemployment.


Sam, a SIFAT graduate from Uganda, leads an organization called Friends of the Needy.  He has three past graduate projects: 17-10, 18-04 and 19-07. His current project is continuing Project 19-07 to create a self-sustaining vocational school in a community where unemployment is high.

This school will be primarily for training women and at-risk young people. They will be taught skills that they can use to become self-employed to provide for themselves and their families. The scarcity of jobs is so severe that some women are unable to find jobs even with a college education. Courses to be taught include tailoring, knitting, building skills, hair weaving, motor mechanics, motorcycle repairs and other SIFAT appropriate technologies.

The project has a three-phase approach, which includes vocational buildings (administration, at least three classrooms, a store and keeper’s house, kitchen and bathrooms), furniture and tool acquisition and recruiting of teachers and students.

Project 20-05: Vocational School Buildings

Project Goal:



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