Samuel, a SIFAT graduate from Haiti, has successfully led agricultural projects for his community. Now, he dreams of helping them filter their drinking water to prevent disease.

Project Funded!

Project: To provide filters for clean, safe drinking water for 160 families in a community in Haiti.


Family members living in Samuel’s community in Haiti find it very difficult to find clean water to drink and use. Often someone has to walk a distance of three to four miles to get clean water from other communities. A water fountain exists in Samuel’s community, but people fear using it, because there is no filter and animals also use the fountain. The water is exposed to all types of germs, which can cause disease and illness.

This project will provide 160 families with a filter and bucket, which will help them treat their drinking water. Each filter will clean more than 1 million gallons of water. This project will reduce the risk of people being contaminated by drinking water, because water is being treated to eliminate germs. Additionally, Samuel has successfully completed a prior agriculture project that allows families in the community to sell products for a modest income, which will be set aside to help replace filters in the future.

Project 20-06: Water Access Project

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