Yurima is using her SIFAT training to improve her garden’s infrastructure and expand training to more people in her community in Venezuela. This is a continuation of her first project, 22-07

Project Funded!

Project: To teach nearby communities to prepare an organic garden while learning about composting, mountain microorganisms, solar projects and how to produce leaf powder to solve malnutrition issues.


After completing the first phase successfully, Yurima is ready to continue with her community garden project. The next step is to make a shed on one side of the house to gather the community for training and practices of appropriate technologies, such as gardening, literacy classes, English classes and others. They need to purchase garden tools and supplies, seedbeds and cement blocks for the agricultural beds. In rural Venezuela, this garden will be a model to encourage reproduction in homes to improve their nutrition.

Project 23-03: Jezreel School Garden, Phase 2

Project Goal:




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