Blossom and his wife, Aina, are both SIFAT graduates. Together, they have led multiple projects for their community and school. Check out their other projects here: 17-01, 19-03, 19-08, 21-03, 21-07 and 22-04.

Project Funded!

Project: To construct a greenhouse to produce vegetables and fruits year-round to help feed Hazel Academy school students and sell produce in local markets to defray the cost of operating the school.


The Hazel Academy School in Nigeria, a ministry project of SIFAT graduates Blossom and Aina, has successfully functioned for years, but some schools in Nigeria experienced students being abducted. As a result, the government required walls be built around schools to prevent further abductions. This requirement and the pandemic caused the school to temporarily close and teachers to be laid off. SIFAT donors funded the wall project, and in 2023, the wall was completed with government approval, which allowed the school to reopen. Pastor Blossom is facing significant expenses to reopen the school and hire teachers, so he applied to SIFAT for a grant for help in building a fruit and vegetable greenhouse to enable the youth to grow and sell fruits and vegetables in local markets throughout the year. During the rainy season, a lot of produce is grown in the surrounding neighborhood, which causes prices to drop during that time. By having a climate-controlled greenhouse, produce can be grown and sold at good prices during non-rainy seasons.

Project 23-06: Greenhouse Project

Project Goal: $5,464

Fully Funded!

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