SIFAT graduate Peter uses agriculture to minister to those with whom he works in Kenya.

Project Funded!

Project: To promote sustainable food production and consumption to combat malnutrition in Kenya.


Peter is a SIFAT graduate from Kenya. He has successfully led three previous projects: 17-15, 19-02 and 19-12.

Because malnutrition is a major issue in Kenya and other African countries, Peter’s latest project will focus on enhancing sustainable food production. The project will promote agroecological practices that embrace crop diversity through locally adaptable seeds. This is aimed at reducing food-based under nutrition among small holder farmers. The larger aim of this project will be to promote the production and consumption of locally adaptable nutrient dense foods.

The project will seek to motivate local farmers to sustainably increase production of nutrient-rich crops for use at home and to sell at local markets. Part of the project will be to promote high value crops (vegetables and fruits) and short-season drought tolerant crops (sweet potatoes, millet, sorghum, etc.). Sustainable crop production will offer a range of benefits to farmers including increased production, increased crop diversity, adaptation and reduced vulnerability to climate change.

Project 20-08: Promoting Sustainable Food Systems

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