Samuel, a SIFAT graduate from Haiti, has successfully led training and agricultural projects in four communities: projects 19-06, 20-04, 20-06, 21-06 and 22-05.

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Project: To improve the nutritional and economic life of 50 families and other community members in the Allegre community.


In the remote mountains of Haiti, women are desperate to provide food for their families. This is the fifth in a series of successful projects to help women learn to grow crops to provide food for their families and to gain profit to enable them to send their children to school. Samuel, a SIFAT graduate, has already successfully transformed more than 200 families from despair to having sufficient food and crops for sale, providing some profit. This project will do the same for 50 more women/families in a new community, Allegre.

Women will be taught to grow sweet peppers, leeks, parsley, spinach, grenadine, orange, papaya and bananas. Additionally, five goats will be purchased for the community. As part of training and beneficial practices, there will be field experiments. Each participant will be taught techniques to protect mountainside fields from erosion, for composting and in ecology. The fruit and vegetables harvested will not only be used for consumption, but as crops to be sold in local markets, thereby contributing to the local economy.

Project 23-05: Agriculture for Women #5

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