Peter is a SIFAT graduate from Kenya. He has successfully led four previous projects: 17-15, 19-02 and 19-12 and 20-08.

Fully Funded!

Project: Improved income among widows and widowers in the Chepseon area of Kenya.


As a result of the pandemic, many widows and widowers have lost their jobs. This project will support 60 widows and widowers through the establishment of viable income sources through farming of maize, grass and vegetables. The project will lease a common land, where the widows and widowers will be able to do common farming, as well as manage the property as a team. Leasing of land will be done once for a period of two years. After the two years, a portion of the profits they receive will be used to continue leasing the land. The widows/widowers would be able to continue without relying on SIFAT funds. The widows and widowers will be taught farming techniques to allow them to be successful in growing and selling their crops on a sustainable basis.

Project 21-09: Improved Income Among Widows and Widowers

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