Peter is a SIFAT graduate from Kenya. He has successfully led five previous projects: 17-15, 19-02, 19-12, 20-08 and 21-09

Project Funded!

Project: To teach improved agriculture productivity using three principles of conservative agriculture (CA), i.e. minimum soil disturbance, permanent soil cover, and crop rotation/diversification and to train government CA officers and staff, as well as mentor farmers.


Agriculture is the mainstay of Kenya’s economy, directly contributing 24% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With 75% of the population working in agriculture, 45% of government revenue is from agriculture. The farmers who will benefit from this project are small-scale mixed farming (crop and livestock) on three-acre plots. This project will take place in Solar division, Nakuru County, Kenya. Food production by these farmers has been minimal, resulting in many households being left without food or viable livelihoods. By helping these multi-ethnic farmers, this project can make a difference between having adequate food and starvation.

Project 23-01: Improved Agricultural Techniques

Project Goal:




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