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Servants In Faith And Technology
2944 County Rd. 113, Lineville, AL 36266
phone (256) 396-2015; fax (256) 396-2501



Staff Contact List

For questions about our Practicum and training, contact:
International Training Director
Kathy Bryson
For questions about scheduling an event on campus, such as a retreat, field trip, work team, tour, Learn & Serve or facility rental, contact:
Program Manager
Josiah Corson
For questions about short-term mission teams or the village store, contact:
International Team Coordinator/Village Store Manager
Peggy Walker
Executive Director
Tom Corson
For questions about information requests, speakers, the SHARE program, website or the Journal, contact:
Promotions and Marketing Coordinator
Marie Lanier
For questions about donations and giving, contact:
Diana Cline


Executive Director
Tom Corson