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Learn concrete ways to make a difference in the lives of the poor around the world:

    • purify water
    • build a latrine
    • raise small animals for protein and income
    • start a village revolving loan fund for microenterprise
    • promote safe motherhood
    • learn sustainable agriculture
    • combat child malnutiriton with leaf protein extract
    • prevent tropical diseases
    • teach adults to read
    • make low-cost reading glasses
    • learn key issues to improve child survival
    • build a solar cooker
    • make a low-cost sturdy house out of hay
    • teach HIV prevention
    • make energy from the sun, wind or water
    • build fuel-efficient cookstoves
    • learn how to give vaccinations
    • preserve foods
    • sharpen your cross-cultural skills
    • network with international development agencies
    • write a project proposal
    • …and much more


One hallmark of the SIFAT Training program is the emphasis on bridging worlds: The so-called First World and the Two-thirds World, often called the Third World.

We believe this bridge is a two-way bridge with each side having much to share and learn with the other side. SIFAT accepts a unique mix of students in the training programs. The same class often includes participants with advanced university degrees and others with limited formal education from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.

But make no mistake, through participatory interactive learning, we soon realize that practical, community-based knowledge is the cornerstone for community developmentā€”vital for any program in meeting human needs.

Participants with specialized training have the opportunity to learn to share their knowledge in ways that empower communities rather than create dependencies. Grass-roots community leaders have the opportunity to share realities-including successes– of daily life in places where many struggle to meet their basic human needs.

Powerful things can happen when this diverse group of people interact and get to know each other. It facilitates understanding and changes attitudes about the poor and what they need. It broadens horizons, and ultimately translates into better lives for people around the globe.

Training Dates

The following training sessions will be held on the SIFAT International Campus in Lineville, Ala., USA. For more information, please contact

May 19 – June 1, 2019

May Field Training “World Hunger and Malnutrition: Practical Skills to Make a Difference”
(6 hours of graduate/undergraduate university credit available through the University of Alabama at Birmingham)

August 11 – August 17, 2019

August Field Training “Appropriate Technologies for Basic Human Need in a Community Development Context”
(3 hours of graduate/undergraduate university credit available through the University of Alabama at Birmingham)

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