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University Collaborations

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SIFAT partners with universities to bridge the best of academia with the needs of communities around the world. We welcome faculty and students interested in international community development and meeting basic human needs to interface with SIFAT

SIFAT collaborates with universities specifically to:

  • Offer training for university students at SIFAT in practical technologies to meet basic human needs in a context of community development (Click for info).  This can be with or without college credit.
  • Offer internships at SIFAT and overseas with our network of international SIFAT alumni working in an array of community projects.
  • Offer opportunities for international travel and service with SIFAT international teams.
  • Co-sponsor conferences and workshops on international development issues essential to meeting basic human needs.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to teach SIFAT international community leaders specific classes at SIFAT or at overseas training locations.
  • Provide opportunities for SIFAT international community leaders to make field trips to universities for a specific training or tour.
  • Facilitate networking between faculty and students in the U.S. with grass-roots community leaders internationally.

Course Offerings

University of Alabama at Birmingham:

Sparkman Center Global Health Studies Certificate Program
Field Study in World Hunger and Malnutrition
Kent State

Collaboration in Training

UAB Office of Service Learning
UAB Collaborating Center for International Nursing
Sparkman Center for Global Health Summer Institute Professional Training
Auburn University (Engineers Without Borders, McWhorter School of Building Science, School of Nursing)
Morehouse University
Tuskegee University
Texas A & M (Health Sciences)
University of Arizona
National Agriculture University of Honduras
National Agrarian University of Nicaragua
University of Costa Rica


“I was thoroughly impressed with the intelligence, the passion and the practical-mindedness of the SIFAT staff and guest speakers. In addition to the compelling discussions concerning important third world issues, I feel that I learned more about practical environmental engineering in those two weeks than I have learned during an entire year in a classroom.” – George Waits, Field Study Participant