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Covenant Partnerships

Since SIFAT began in 1979, our financial support has come from individuals and churches. Long-term partnerships with churches of different denominations are the foundation of our survival, especially during the early years when SIFAT was establishing itself and building infrastructure. We can name so many churches that came to build our facilities, began international projects, sponsored training scholarships and brought their children and youth to our campus each year. But we have never officially recognized these partnerships!

But that is changing! We now have a name and plan for our ongoing relationships with churche­s­—Covenant Partnerships. These churches come alongside of SIFAT to support us through prayer, participation and giving. Each covenant agreement can be tailored for the congregation and SIFAT, but a template is below. SIFAT staff members will work with church leadership to create a covenant that is beneficial to both the church and SIFAT.

Please share this opportunity with your pastor and missions committee. We want to begin cultivating covenant partnerships with the churches who regularly support SIFAT, so that we can become more intentional in building stronger, long-lasting relationships. For more information about covenant partnerships, to start creating a covenant agreement or to schedule a SIFAT speaker for a missions event, please contact

Download a Covenant Partnership Template

2020 Covenant Partners

Clear Lake UMC, Clear Lake, Texas