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May 15-30, 2023: Promoting Community Development and Appropriate Technologies for Basic Human Need

Designed for international community leaders invested in changing their communities

May 19-28, 2023: World Hunger and Poverty:  Practical Skills to Make a Difference

Designed for university students and community leaders interested in international development
Offered in partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Sparkman Center.
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Past Conferences

SIFAT has hosted several conferences in the past, including:

Exploring Our Living Streams: Stream Biomonitoring and Water Chemistry Monitoring Curriculum – Partnering with the 4-H Water Watch Program to provide teachers and volunteer educators with the opportunity to learn to use the Exploring Our Living Streams: Stream Biomonitoring and Water Chemistry Monitoring Curriculum.

Lab in a Suitcase
Flyer     Training Outline

Agriculture for Meeting Basic Human Needs

Leaf for Life

Low Cost Water Testing Where There is No Lab

Low Cost Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases

Focometer Training – Primary Eye Care & Vision Training

Seminars & Workshops

Past Seminars and ConferencesSIFAT has hosted several seminars and conferences in the past, including:

Exploring Alternative Foods for World Hunger: The Potential of Edible Insects

Flyer     Agenda with Speakers    Speaker Bios (.zip file)

The following PDFs were used during the presentations. Please click on the speaker’s name to download a copy.

Marianne Shockley-Robinette        Florence Dunkel (keynote)     David Gracer (first)           Feng Ying

Julieta Ramos Elorduy (first)          Florence Dunkel                        David Gracer (second)     Frank Franklin

Julieta Ramos Elorduy (second)     Florence Dunkel (notes)          Bart Hogebrink                  Xiaoming Chen

Smoke…The Killer in the Kitchen

Safe Motherhood: The State of the World and Alabama’s Mothers
Flyer     Agenda with Speakers