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International Short-term Graduate Projects

To help victims of hunger and lack of basic needs overcome the tremendous forces that impoverish them, SIFAT trains church and community leaders to address the needs of the whole person–body, mind and soul.

Training is the beginning, but not the end. Those who come to learn need seed and tools before they can work. The Graduates’ Projects (GP) department of SIFAT answers this need. Graduates write proposals for start-up money to being their projects. SIFAT serves as a bridge between people in need and people who want to help, offering you an opportunity to work alongside our graduates and their communities. This is more than a handout — partner with the poor to help empower them to overcome the challenges of poverty. And we have found that when we work with others in need, they help us to overcome our own needs and our own poverty of spirit. We need each other.

Current Large Projects

Currently, we are focusing on SIFAT graduates who have proven their ability and their faithfulness in past projects. They need partners to help them with startup funds, prayer and moral support.

Please click on the projects below for more information. You can donate online to these projects by using the button provided on each profile, or you may donate by check made payable to SIFAT with the designation of the project number and name. If a donation is received after a project is fully funded, support will be given to another approved graduate project.

All of our projects have been fully funded! Project proposals can be submitted until our approvals in March 2024.

Need more information about a project? Contact or call the SIFAT office.

Past Large Projects Supported by SIFAT

Because of generous donors, the following SIFAT graduate projects received complete funding:

Small Projects

In 2021, our Graduates’ Project Committee began offering small project grants to SIFAT training graduates. Each project must meet specific criteria and be no more than $200; grants are accepted and dispersed twice each year. Currently, up to 10 projects are selected during each round. Rather than raise funds from donors once a graduate project is approved and a project champion has committed to raise funds for that project (our process for large projects), a single donor provided the 2021 spring funds, enabling SIFAT to create an account to fund these projects prior to receiving the applications. In the future, we hope that sufficient funds will be provided by a donor(s), so that small projects can be approved and funded without delay. Those who want to support these small projects may send their donations to SIFAT, designated small graduate projects.

Click the picture below to see each semester’s projects.

Resources for SIFAT Graduates

Are you a SIFAT Graduate who is interested in submitting a proposal to SIFAT to help your community members have better lives through use of an appropriate technology? Use the resources below to learn more about the process. Applications are reviewed twice a year — for large projects in March and October and for small projects in February and September. SIFAT does not have a foundation, and all submitted projects will not be approved. The approval of a project is a commitment to help raise money for the project.

Download the guidelines for graduate projects (PDF): Guidelines for Graduate Projects

Download the large project proposal template:  Short-Term Project Proposal Application with GPC checklist (Word document)

Download the small project proposal template: Short-Term Project Proposal Application with GPC checklist (Word document)

Learn more about the evaluation process (PDF): Proposal Evaluation Criteria

En Español

¿Eres un graduado de SIFAT?

¿Estas interesado en presentar una propuesta a SIFAT, para ayudar a los miembros de tu comunidad a mejorar sus vidas usando tecnología apropiada?

Utiliza los recursos abajo para conocer más sobre el procedimiento. Las solicitudes se evalúan dos veces al año – en marzo y en octubre. Cabe recalcar que SIFAT no es una Fundación y no todos los proyectos que se envíen para análisis serán aprobados. El aprobar un proyecto significa un compromiso para ayudarlos a conseguir los fondos para el proyecto.

NO se aceptarán propuestas en español. La plantilla o modelo en español se incluye solo para propósitos de conocimiento e información para los graduados que no hablen inglés. Pueden preparar su propuesta en español, para luego traducirla al inglés ya que todas las propuestas tienen que presentarse en inglés. Los graduados deben designar a alguien que hable inglés, para que el Comité de Proyectos de Graduados (GPC, por sus siglas en inglés) pueda comunicarse con el graduado, a través de esa persona designada por correo electrónico, durante el proceso de propuestas y, en el caso en que se apruebe el proyecto, se puedan comunicar también durante la ejecución del mismo.

Descarga las guías para los proyectos de graduados (PDF): Guías para proyectos de graduados – en inglés

Descarga la plantilla o modelo de propuestas:  Plantilla de propuesta para proyectos a corto plazo – en inglés (Word) o Plantilla de propuesta para proyectos a de corto plazo – en español

Conoce los criterios de evaluación (PDF): Criterios de evaluación de propuestas – en inglés