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Team Leader Information

We want to help make it as easy as possible for you to plan a meaningful mission trip for your group.

SIFAT serves in many countries on approved projects of our SIFAT graduates and always at the invitation of these graduates. We call this short term teams for long term development. Usually churches, college ministries or university groups take teams with a minimum of 12, and preferably 15-20 team members, for 8-12 days to work on these projects. SIFAT provides turn-key service, including airline reservations, for our teams.


How to Schedule a Team

Here’s how to schedule and plan your SIFAT short term mission trip.

  • Explore the SIFAT website to find out what mission opportunities are available, and prayerfully decide in which country and on what project you would like to serve. Please also see our short-term mission brochures to consider which trip you would like to join SIFAT on:

Printable Information:    Bolivia     Ecuador

  • Contact our international team coordinator, Peggy Walker, at, to check on the availability of dates for your team.
  • The international team coordinator will temporarily reserve your dates. These dates will be confirmed as soon as a nonrefundable $100 deposit is received in the SIFAT office. This deposit is nonrefundable in accordance with IRS laws for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.
  • You will receive a confirmation letter and packet with due dates for payments, forms and team member rosters as they are available.
  • As of 2022, SIFAT will no longer provide airline reservations for your team. Team leaders are responsible for arranging all airline travel. Prior to booking tickets, team dates and airline schedule must be approved by the international team coordinator. All team members must arrive and depart at the same time. Any additional arrangements must be approved by SIFAT in advance.
  • A $100 nonrefundable deposit per person is due to reserve team dates.

SIFAT training manuals will be provided for each member of your team. These manuals will help you walk your team through each preparation phase of your trip.

SIFAT may add additional individual team members to existing teams and will coordinate with team leaders in this effort.


Required Forms

Submitting Forms

All team members over the age of 18 are required to have a background check completed before being eligible for an international trip with SIFAT. A consent form is listed under forms for team members.  These forms must be signed by each team member and returned as a group to SIFAT’s International Coordinator by mail: 2944 County Road 113, Lineville, AL 36266.

Both team members’ forms and team leader forms (forms found below) must be submitted to the international team coordinator at least two months before your scheduled departure. These forms are required for your travel insurance and in-country preparations.

Team leaders will want to keep a copy with them while traveling, especially the insurance ID roster and parental consent forms. Airlines have the right to ask for this form and boarding can be denied if the form cannot be produced. A copy of each team member’s passport must be included with these forms when sent to SIFAT and a copy kept with the team leader.


Forms for team members:


International Mission Team Form

Parental Consent Form (team members under 18 – must be signed by both parents and notarized)

Copy of passport photo page

** REMEMBER, all passports must have at least 6 months from the expiration date of your passport to the return date of your trip to be valid to travel internationally.  If your passport is set to expire within this time, you will have problems at the airport and will not be allowed on the plane. **


For Team Leaders only:


Project Commitment Form and Team Insurance Roster 

Team Leader Checklist

Team Leader Covenant


How to Make a Payment:

Please confirm your payment amount with the International Team Coordinator,, before making a payment. For your payment to be credited correctly, you must include the team name and team number.

Payment Options:

1) SIFAT prefers payments be made by check. Mail your check to 2944 County Road 113, Lineville, AL 36266. Please make sure all checks are received before your due dates. Due dates will be provided for each payment. Remember, mail can take extra time to reach our office.

2) For online payments, an additional 3 percent is charged to cover processing fees.

Emergency Contact Information/FAQ

Download a PDF with emergency contact information. (Updated Jan. 2023)

For more information or to see commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQs page.