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1. How do you pronounce SIFAT? ‘SEE – FAT’ just like the letter ‘C’ and the word ‘Fat’, with the accent on the ‘C’.

2. What does the acronym “SIFAT” mean? SIFAT stands for Servants in Faith and Technology. SIFAT was incorporated as the Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology, which is still our legal name.

3. How do I request a speaker for my group? SIFAT staff members regularly speak to civic clubs, church groups and churches. We will be happy to schedule a staff member for your group! Contact our promotions and marketing coordinator,, to check availability.

4. Is SIFAT affiliated with any denomination? SIFAT is ecumenical. SIFAT is an Advance Special of the United Methodist Church, but does not receive direct funding. SIFAT welcomes all denominations, schools and other groups to participate in our training events, mission trips, retreats and campus programs. We are inclusive, not exclusive.