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Training: Practicum

1. What is the goal of the SIFAT Practicum? The goal of the SIFAT Practicum is to make disciples for Jesus Christ who comprehend the integrated, holistic teachings of Jesus; who minister to the total person, body, mind and spirit; who understand how communities and groups can develop to the full potential God intended for them and who have skills to facilitate their development.

2. What is the SIFAT Practicum? The SIFAT Practicum is a 10-week course during which participants study community development from a Christian perspective with appropriate technologies as tools. Students learn to be facilitators for total, integrated development of body, mind and spirit for individuals and for communities. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, one will receive a certificate in Christian Community Development and Appropriate Technologies.

3. Who are the students of the Practicum? Our alumni include community leaders, pastors, bishops, evangelists, doctors, government officials, teachers, professors, engineers, businessmen and grassroots leaders with limited formal education doing the ministry God has called them to do. These men and women come from different denominations having the potential to impact great numbers of people for Christ in their countries.

4. How can I apply for the Practicum? Applications are accepted year-round. Only completed applications with the paid $25 registration fee are eligible for review (See FAQ #8 for payment info). Your chances of acceptance to any scholarship assistance are best if you apply early!

There are two parts to the application for the Practicum: the application with scholarship request and the recommendation forms. A) You can apply online (link) or by downloading the application (link) and mailing it to SIFAT Practicum, 2944 County Road 113, Lineville, AL 36266. B) Part of the downloaded application includes recommendation letters. Those recommending you may either email the completed form to with your name as the subject or mail it to SIFAT Practicum, 2944 County Road 113, Lineville, AL 36266.

5. How do I know my application is approved? You will be notified through email if your application is approved. You will receive an acceptance letter with the amount of any scholarship offered and the balance you need to pay and a visa letter that you will take to the US embassy for your visitor’s visa application and interview. For more inquiries, you can contact The review committee meets three times per year.

6. What is the cost of the practicum? The application fee is $25. The cost of the 10-week session is $3750, including tuition, room, meals, supplies, field trips and land transportation. In some instances there are partial scholarships, given on an individual basis. We strive to award these scholarships to the most needy applicants. For scholarship info, please contact

7. How are the students selected? The admissions committee prayerfully selects the candidates by getting in contact with their sponsoring organization that they are actively involved in some capacity with an organization whose primary goal is to help the poor.

8. How can we send the fees? International students, if you have a relative or friend in the states with US bank account, you can ask them to send a check for you, or send through Western Union, Postal Money Order, or Money Gram. Be sure to have the applicant’s name clearly marked.

9. How can the alumni impact the lives of the poor around the world? SIFAT equips Africans, Asians, Latin Americans, Caribbeans and North American leaders – who will train others – to reach other people or their own people for Christ. These leaders learn practical skills to help poor help themselves in a context of Christian Community Development and Appropriate Technology. They are also trained to pass on these technologies in training sessions which they conduct themselves in their own community/homeland.

10. How do you find the people you train? With our global network of people, our alumni ensure that word-of-mouth recommendations from leader to leader can proceed to application. Recommendations come from pastors, bishops, directors, superintendents, government officials and influential leaders.

11. How can you be sure that the alumni use their training? The admissions committee screens all applicants carefully. We require that they give a part of the cost of their own training. By asking their own churches and colleagues to invest in the funding for training, there is a built in accountability factor. Investors expect a return.

12. Who are the teachers of the Practicum? The teachers are Christians who combine spiritual depth, educational attainment including Ph.D’s, Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees a well as significant achievement in the area of Christian Community Development and Appropriate Technology.

13. Are there SIFAT trainings going on in other countries? We have periodic trainings in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Please contact for more info.

14. What is the schedule of the practicum this year? Practicum is held once a year for 10 weeks. Fall Practicum will be August through November. Students are required to be here for orientation. Check our calendar for dates.