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Global Health Day

Learn & Serve’s Global Health Day is a program to help students think critically and to educate about the daily struggles faced by people in the developing world. Students will explore our Global Village and simulated health situations and have the chance to come up with ideas for creative solutions. Our staff will explain some of the appropriate technologies that SIFAT promotes and how these technologies might help in a specific example.

What To Expect

Students will be welcomed in our Lodge to hear about SIFAT and how our organization works around the world and locally. They will discuss what poverty looks like and explore the contributing factors toward poverty in developing nations. Groups will then walk to our Global Village, where they will tour three different countries’ homes, each with a specific health problem. The students will look for details that might provide information on the situation at hand and use critical thinking to detect the problems before them and the solution for the families. Students will begin to realize the depth of problems that face families and communities. We hope they begin to envision how they can help bring change and effectively communicate to individuals going through such problems.

Following the Global Village Tour, our students will be involved in a Global Feast for lunch. During the simulated Global Feast, they will learn world hunger statistics and what it feels like to be a part of a first world nation. After lunch, they will have a debrief of what they have seen so far and will have a chance to discuss the experiences from the day, as well as their thoughts about how they can further use those experiences in their future career fields. This is a wonderful way to empower students for their next steps.


What kind of groups come for a GHD?

Although primarily geared for university students, this program is also available for high school classes and groups, too. We do not recommend it for younger students.

  • University classes in nursing, nutrition, public health, agriculture or social work
  • High School Groups, such as HOSA or health classes.

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (flexible)

Cost: $40 per student