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Programming Options

Choose from the following elements to create a customized retreat for your group. Meals are included in some of the programming, but are also available through our cafeteria services. Our staff will facilitate your time on SIFAT’s campus, or our amenities are available for rental for your own programmed retreat.


Global Village Overnight

Groups stay in our Global Village and experience first-hand what life may be like in a remote two-thirds world village. Participants will spend the night in houses designed by SIFAT’s international students, cook over an open fire, and work at jobs appropriate to that part of the world. Houses in the village are representative of those in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Nigeria, Liberia and Uganda. The Global Village Overnight includes both breakfast and dinner.

cost: $40 per person




Slum Experience

In SIFAT’s three-hour slum experience, participants role play as newcomers to the urban slum that was built on our property. As slum residents, they are challenged to interact with characters played by staff and volunteers in order to meet their basic needs of food, water, and shelter. Throughout the event, typical urban slum issues arise and through debrief are discussed. Typically, dinner is included with the slum experience.

cost: $20 per person (minimum of 40 participants.) 






Appropriate Technology
Learn & Serve students are given an opportunity to learn some of the appropriate technologies that are also taught to the SIFAT Practicum international students in a hands-on, interactive program. These technologies are changing and saving lives in the remote villages of many developing countries. Some appropriate technologies that are taught include Leaf for Life, bio-sand filter, and CINVA-ram bricks.

cost: $15 per person





Grain and Water Challenge
The grain and water challenge was updated in 2015 to include new, interactive elements.  Grain and Water Challenge takes place in our Global Village and illustrates world hunger and three of its root causes: poverty, war, and unequal distribution of resources. Participants are divided into countries and are challenged to metaphorically feed their country for a full year. As each month passes by, participants have to beg, borrow, and barter with other countries to try to get enough grain for their country to survive, while dodging wards and droughts that might plague their country.

cost: $12 per person




Global Feast
According to UNICEF, 55% of the world goes hungry; 30% gets barely enough food; and 15% of the world has so much that it gets to choose what to eat based on taste. The Global Feast turns these statistics into reality by offering a condensed and personal experience of unequal distribution of food. This program can be done at SIFAT or on location.

cost: $10 per person





Challenge Course

The Challenge Course is a low elements ropes course consisting of activities ideal for team building. Examples of the thirteen ground-based elements include the Spider Web, the Islands, Nitro Crossing, and the Wall. The course gives participants an opportunity for learning and growth in areas such as leadership training, conflict management and resolution, and problem solving.

cost: $15 per person





Slum Prayer Experience
The slum prayer experience is a creative, engaging way for participants to connect with people of the world that they may otherwise never personally encounter. Participants will enter our simulated slum and, as they interact with the environment, will intercede on behalf of people living in urban slums across the world.

cost: $10 per person





Work Projects

Service projects are available to groups interested in providing service that will help SIFAT to continue our mission to people internationally, as well as in the United States. Projects may be added to a retreat, or groups may visit our campus as work teams.







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