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Learn & Serve Retreats

We invite you to bring your group to SIFAT to experience a Learn & Serve retreat! Although Learn & Serve may be most known in the past for its summer experience, life-changing experiences are also offered throughout the year through a retreat. We partner with groups and organizations to meet their unique needs and objectives. We do our best to accommodate all age groups and price ranges—we are passionate about meeting your group’s needs. Whether you choose to participate in one of our Around the World day trips, or to stay at SIFAT for a multi-night retreat, we desire to serve you!

Through several flexible Retreat Programming Options, our staff will work closely with the group leader to create a custom schedule to help you achieve the goals of your retreat. Starting in 2021, we are excited to offer three new retreat packages. Choose a package or individual programming options to build your visit to SIFAT.

Retreats on our SIFAT campus can benefit many types of groups:

  • Private and public school classes or home school groups
  • University classes
  • College ministries
  • Youth and children’s ministries
  • Boy Scout or Girl Scout troops
  • Church groups: women’s retreats, family mission retreats, etc.
  • Civic organizations

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Retreat Packages

Beginning in 2021, we are offering three retreat packages to help you plan your group’s visit. You can also add additional retreat options to the package for a customized experience.

The Day Trip

The Day Trip is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and costs $40 per person.

This package includes a 6-hour experience and includes our Global Village tour and the Global Feast. This is a perfect package to get a taste of all that we do!

The day trip is our smallest package, but packs a lot of important information into your day! You will arrive at 9 a.m. and leave around 3 p.m. During your time here, you will tour our Global Village, an accurate recreation of the way our friends live around the world. You will be invited to eat with us during a Global Feast, which brings the statistics of world hunger to life. Finally, you will have the option to choose one of three options: a Garden Tour to learn about sustainable and urban gardening; an Appropriate Technology overview to learn how SIFAT trains our international students in skills to meet basic human needs; or a Work Project, directed by SIFAT staff, to help lend a hand to Share God’s Love in Practical Ways here on our campus.

The Overnight Retreat

The Overnight Retreat is a 2 day / 1 night experience and costs $90 per person.

This package is a great in between for someone who wants a slice of what SIFAT offers. We will do things like our Around the World, our Grain Challenge and more! We know that after your time here, your worldview will be broadened.

The overnight retreat is a great midpoint to getting a firm grasp on poverty and the resources SIFAT uses to combat it. You will arrive on the first day around 9 a.m. and leave the next day at 12:30 p.m. During your time here, you will experience group building activities, a look into our neighbors’ lives around the world and a brief overview of how SIFAT trains people to combat huge problems in the Two-thirds World. You will enjoy powerful devotions and group led worship while reflecting on the things you have experienced.

The SIFAT Experience

The SIFAT Experience is a 3 day / 2 night and costs $130 per person.

This package is for the person who wants to feel as if they have traveled to another land for three days. This experience will have you walking away empowered and ready to make a change!

The SIFAT Experience is a three-day trip, where you will get a true taste of what SIFAT promotes, what poverty looks like and how you can help. You will arrive after lunch the first day and leave after lunch the third day. During your time here, you will dive into the life of someone like you, but living in the Two-thirds world. You will have fun activities and face heavy realities. This may look very different than you thought, but we will discuss what you have the power to do to help! At SIFAT, we educate to empower, and that is what we hope you see after your experience!