Job Opportunities at SIFAT

We often get questions about the possibility of working at SIFAT and how we find our staff. Guess what? SIFAT currently has openings for two positions: campus director and campus program manager. Please help spread the word that we are looking for new staff members to fill these important positions. If you are interested in applying for one of these, please submit your resume to SIFAT administrator Terry Haynes,

Campus Director

Classification: Full time/Salaried

This position is under the supervision and direction of the Executive Director. Persons applying should have good organizational skills, as well as strong communication and interpersonal abilities. The Campus Director will also be available to promote SIFAT campus programs in churches and at other events.

Duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Responsible for directing, coordinating and supervising all campus programs, staff and facilities. Currently, the programs are the Learn & Serve Summer Experience and Learn & Serve Retreats, which includes one-day field trips.
  • Responsible to coordinate staff, facility and logistical needs for other programs that take place on the campus, such as trainings and special events
  • Work with the Executive Director to plan, recruit, organize and implement work and service projects on the campus with volunteer work teams
  • Work with the Executive Director to coordinate, plan and implement programs on the campus, manage budgets and oversee use and maintenance of buildings and grounds.
  • Responsible for overseeing the maintenance of facilities and grounds, as well as work with cafeteria staff and the Campus Administrator to insure food service needs are provided as needed
  • Promote SIFAT campus programs in churches and at other events

Campus Program Manager

Classification: Full time/Salaried

This position is under the supervision and direction of the Campus Director.

Duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with the Campus Director in collaboration with the training department to design and implement campus programs that are relevant to core values of SIFAT
  • Recruit and make recommendations regarding hiring summer counselor staff
  • Recruit and manage volunteers to assist with tasks and events on campus
  • Make recommendations regarding program pricing and design to the Campus Director
  • Collaborate with the Campus Director to implement campus programs
  • Promote and market SIFAT as speaking opportunities, mission fairs or events



Worship on the Water 2014

It’s almost time for Worship on the Water (WOW) 2014! Sponsored by SIFAT, WOW is a casual, nondenominational worship service held at Lakeside Marina in Wedowee, Ala., Sundays at 9 a.m. from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. Each week features a different speaker and musician. Whether you are a local resident or a weekend visitor, we hope to see you at WOW this summer!

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35th Anniversary Commemorative Brick Fund Raiser

Since 1979, SIFAT has shared God’s love in practical ways with the poor in our world. Without our donors and supporters, this could not have been possible! To celebrate these 35 years, we are building a commemorative patio and fire pit alongside the beautiful Mad Indian Creek on our international campus in Lineville, Ala.

Purchase a commemorative brick as part of SIFAT’s 35th Anniversary. Celebrate a special event in someone’s life, honor a friend or family member or memorialize someone special!

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International Mission Teams: 2014 Team Members Needed in Ecuador!

Please join us in helping the children of Ecuador. SIFAT offers you that opportunity now! We need team members on several of our scheduled teams to Ecuador this year. Below, you will find dates for teams that need additional members and a summary of the project. We also have weeks available if you are interested in leading a new team from your church, school or community. Please contact Peggy Walker, SIFAT team coordinator, at or 256.396.2015 if you are interested in joining or leading a team in 2014.

This year, SIFAT teams will return to Villa Flora to begin work on the third floor of Pastor Rafael and Anita’s church. Teams built the first two floors in 2009 and 2010.

Current 2014 teams needing members:

  • 5/10 – 5/17 – University of Southern Mississippi Wesley Foundation – 4 spots for college students
  • 6/28 – 7/6 – Multi-church team led by Bill Etheridge, Aldersgate UMC, Huntsville – 6-7 spots for any age
  • 7/26-8/2 – Calera UMC, Calera, Ala.- 8-9 spots for any age
  • Doctors and nurse practitioners are also needed on several medical teams this year.

More 2014 teams still needed:

We still need an additional five (5) construction/VBS teams or medical teams between August and November of this year.

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Learn & Serve: 48 A Slum Experience 2014 Retreat

Abuja, the gleaming capitol of Nigeria, is filled with neatly landscaped roads and extravagant buildings.  It’s wealth, however, is matched by its poverty.  The creation of the capitol city of Abuja in the 1980’s displaced many people from the area as well as created an attraction for newcomers.  The majority of the new citizens cannot afford the expensive housing in the city, and urban slums have sprung up to house these families.

It is into this environment that participants stepped during Learn & Serve’s fifth-annual “48: A Slum Experience.”  Seventy-five youth and adult leaders participated in the event, which was hosted on SIFAT’s campus January 18-20, 2014.  During the event, youth and leaders were invited to live as the citizens of urban slums of Abuja to experience the material poverty of these communities first-hand.  Participants lived in Learn & Serve’s simulated urban slum for approximately 48 hours while working to provide food, water, and shelter for themselves and their family groups.

75 participants and 30 staff and volunteers participated in this year’s 48: A Slum Experience Retreat!

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