Learn & Serve: March Madness!

While the world is gearing up for NBA March Madness 2013, the Learn & Serve staff is ready to hit the court for one of our busiest months of the year!

March brings many groups to SIFAT’s campus for a variety of programs. L&S currently has more than 15 events scheduled next month with an estimated 750 participants coming to our campus during Spring 2013!

Groups will be participating in a variety of L&S programs, as well as using our facilities for their own retreats. We also have several groups coming specifically to volunteer their time to help improve our campus through work projects.

Please be in prayer for these participants as they come to SIFAT for their retreats. Pray they will feel the Lord’s presence and learn the lessons he has for them here. Also be in prayer for our staff as they prepare for the busiest weeks of the year. Pray for their energy and hearts as they attempt to share God’s love with all those who come to our campus.

Are you coming to SIFAT for a retreat next month? Let us know! Comment on our blog, tweet at us, or visit our Facebook page and tell us why you are excited to come to SIFAT!
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Learn & Serve: New Retreat Programs Now Offered!

Learn & Serve is excited to announce two new programming options for retreats! To continue to provide a diverse range of experiences connecting our participants to our brothers and sisters around the world, Learn & Serve has begun offering participants the opportunity to participate in a Refugee Camp Overnight and an Urban Slum Prayer Experience.
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We missed posting for a couple of weeks, but don’t think we haven’t been busy at SIFAT! Highlights: CARES, retreats, speaking at churches and a short-term mission leader training with UMC Global Missions and preparing for this week’s field study. It never seems to slow down.

Here’s what’s going on this week at SIFAT:

All week: Field Training in World Hunger and malnutrition: Practical Skills to Make a Difference. Click here to learn more.

Wednesday, May 18: UAB–PAHO International Collaborating School of Nursing will visit to learn about SIFAT and participate in some of the Field Study activities.

Friday, May 20: Sunday, May 22: A work team from Chapelwood UMC in Athens, Ga., is coming to lend a hand and work on some projects around campus!
Saturday, May 21: Our Learn & Serve summer staff arrive.
Sunday, May 22: Ivan Roman and Peggy Walker meet with the Trinity UMC (Birmingham) short-term mission team to Ecuador. Ivan and Peggy will share about the project and do some cross cultural training.

Sunday, May 22: Sarah Corson will be speaking at Rockstand Church

Sunday, May 22: The Learn & Serve staff begin training for this summer’s camp.

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Sunday, April 17 – Associate minister Rob Haynes and some others from Fairhope UMC are here for a few days visiting and learning more about our programs and ways they can continue their involvement with SIFAT.
Monday, April 18 – A group from the Wesley Foundation at Auburn University is coming for appropriate technology training for their upcoming trip to Zambia with SIFAT.
Tuesday, April 19 – CARES with 5th graders from CE Hanna (day 1 – the group is so large, we had to have two days!)
Wednesday, April 20 – CARES with 5th graders from CE Hanna (day 2)
Thursday, April 21 – Christ UMC mission team returns from Ecuador!
Thursday, April 21 – Saturday, April 23 – Morehouse College will be here for appropriate technology training.
Friday, April 22 – Saturday, April 23 – Learn & Serve Retreat with Willowbrook Baptist Church
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Wow! It’s another week of retreats and campus activities.
April 5-8: L&S Retreat – Pamela Day group
April 6-8: L&S Retreat – Spring Valley School
April 7: CARES – multiple groups
April 8-10: Auburn UMC Family Retreat – As part of their retreat, they’ll be working on our campground!
April 9: CARES – multiple groups
April 10: Speaking – Ivan Roman is meeting with our short-term mission team from Montgomery FUMC in preparation for their July trip with SIFAT to Ecuador.