On August 1, the last of our guests left. Troy is back to the USA and college classes, while Bolivar traveled to Santa Cruz for some additional training in well drilling. It was really quiet around the Internado, especially after having guests here since June.

We did have some excitement on August 6, which is Independence Day in Bolivia. All of the students were in the parade in Ixiamas. The girls were majorettes all dressed up in their costumes, hair and makeup to perfection. What a good time they had fixing each other’s hair and makeup with the help of Veronica (the dorm mom). Rachel and I cooked chocolate and carrot cakes along with cornbread muffins to sell in town. We set up our table in front of the town government office where all the festivities were taking place. We had mocochinche, which is a fruit drink made from dried peaches with cloves and cinnamon (really good), and our cakes for sell. It was a good day for sales; we sold out and cleared more than 300 bolivianos, while watching the parade of each class of all the local schools.  It was quite a parade and fun day.

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