Ecuador: SIFAT Doctor in your House – October Update

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Written by Marie Lanier, Promotions and Marketing Coordinator

During the pandemic, our SIFAT team members and donors have stepped in to support the communities in which we serve in Ecuador in two vital areas—medical care and food. Many are struggling to survive because of the effects of lockdown and COVID-19.

Recently, Ledy Sanchez, SIFAT graduate and leader of our Atucucho project, sent a letter to us on behalf of her community. She is taking care of 80 of the most vulnerable elderly by providing hot breakfasts each week.

SIFAT graduate Ledy is taking care of 80 of the most vulnerable elderly in Atucucho. On weekdays, Ledy and her team distribute hot breakfasts to those who would otherwise go hungry.

Dios les pague a SIFAT (God will repay SIFAT). In some cases, this is the only meal the elderly will have each day. I am very happy to see that our older adults are waiting for us day by day for their breakfast.

A deep thanks to Tom Corson and Dr. Roberto Contreras for keeping Atucucho in their hearts and continuing to help us. Many thanks to SIFAT Doctor in your House program. Through video conference, Dr. Roberto talks with each patient, giving them a word of hope and reinforcing that God loves each one of them. Then, Dr. Roberto prepares the bags with a month’s supply of medicine for each patient, and we distribute these. 

As a Community Representative, I have a concern about the amount of malnutrition that exists among young children. This program gives anti-parasite medicines, vitamins and nutritional supplements, which will be a big impact in the children’s development. 

We trust God will continue sending “Our angel SIFAT” to continue helping us, especially our children and elderly.

Ledy shared in a report that each day, these precious seniors are waiting to receive their meal and eager to have a short interaction with the person delivering breakfast.

Atucucho is only one of the five projects and their five extensions that are benefitting from this program. SIFAT Doctor in your House empowers our SIFAT graduates to reach out to the most critical cases in their communities and meet physical needs, while also encouraging these families spiritually.

This program is providing medical care, food through The Golden Bread and also providing salaries for our full-time SIFAT Ecuador staff. Normally, their salary support comes from the fees paid by our mission teams. Keeping our international and domestic staff has been very important to our SIFAT leadership. The Ecuadorian government is allowing companies to drastically reduce salaries. But, we know that our staff is still working daily and have living expenses. Thank you for helping SIFAT pay our staff fairly and continually during this crisis.

We want to share two stories with you as examples of the thousands who are benefitting from your generosity.

Pastor Rafael (left) distributes food to a group of 20 Venezuelan refugee families living in the south of Quito. Because of the support of SIFAT donors, our graduates and their projects can serve those affected by the coronavirus pandemic in their communities.

Venezuelan Refugees Our Villaflora project site is supporting a group of 20 Venezuelan families that live together in the south of Quito. They live in an old house that has been split into five apartments. Each family stays in one bedroom. The three or four families in each apartment share the kitchen and bathroom, though some cook in their bedroom with a small gas stove. Before the lockdown, they tried to find work in the streets selling anything, washing cars and even resorting to simply begging. They send many thanks to the church and to SIFAT for their support to the neediest people like them.

Four generations of Maria’s family are living together. Because of the loss of their jobs, they are being evicted from their home and struggling to survive.

Multi-generational Family Maria (pictured below, center) lives with her daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and great-granddaughter. Maria’s daughter has a kidney condition and cannot work. Maria’s son-in-law was a security guard, but lost his job because of the pandemic. Maria is barely able to find work as a maid and laundress. Because of the loss of their jobs, Maria’s family is being evicted from their home.

Four years ago, Maria was invited to church by one of the Machachi church members (an extension of the Villaflora church). Since then, she has joined one of the Church Prayer Circles. Being part of this group brings her joy, and she is praying the pandemic ends soon. She is grateful for the rice donations for her family.

Thank you for supporting SIFAT Doctor in your House. True needs are being met through food distribution and virtual medical visits. We need to continue this program through 2021, but need your help!

We need your support! With continued virus outbreaks, no vaccine and long-lasting economic impacts to the communities in which we serve in Ecuador, we want to continue this program through 2021. Please designate your gift SIFAT Doctor in your House on your check’s memo or in the notes of your online donation.

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