Rachel, Mateo´s brother Felix, his son Israel, his brother-in-law Marco, and I left La Paz yesterday morning at 630 am. We made excellent time all the way to Sapecho. A 10 or so hour trip in a bus, we made it in less than 7. Right outside of Sapecho, we had to wait an hour while cargo trucks took turns pulling eachother out of the mud. I said to Rachel, ´´Barring any other road problems, we can be in Rurrenabaque by midnight.¨ I thought maybe we could have eaten lunch the next day in Ixiamas. Little did I know we would not get back until 730 tonight. About 10 miles from the middle of nowhere, we came upon a line of cargo trucks stopped on a muddy incline. A floata had gotten stuck in the mud and could not move. I guess this was about 8 pm. I think the bus finally got out at around 10. I thought, ok, maybe we can be RRBAKE by 2 am. Nope. We werent able to get through until around 7 am this morning. The five of us slept in the truck we were bringing from La Paz. The four guys slept in the cab and Rachel got the lady´s suite. (in the back of the truck under a tarp.) I was beyond frustrated.It was definitely a lesson in patience and flexibility. When a man on a tractor fixed the road around 7am, it took him 5 minutes. I shook my head sideways and laughed. Anyway, its great to be back in Ixiamas. I was bombarded with a barage of hugs from the kids and fast words I couldnt understand. We are going out to the Chaco again tomorrow to harvest some more rice. You can say we provide job security for Snap, Crackle, and Pop.