Uganda: Agape Needs Our Help!

Agape Total Childcare Center, the orphanage and school SIFAT mission teams built in Uganda, has been hit hard in recent weeks by COVID-19. Although Uganda had been spared during much of last year, it has now been declared a Level 4 country by the U.S. State Department and CDC because the disease is spreading rapidly. The Ugandan government has declared a lockdown, and most students in boarding schools have been unable to return home to their families. At Agape, three of our original children (now young adults) are currently in the hospital, and several more have tested positive with COVID. In the close dormitory conditions in which they live, it is very hard to isolate and quarantine those with symptoms. Although WHO safety protocol is being adhered to as much as possible, the virus continues to spread. Funds are desperately needed for food, medicines, hospital care and to replenish sanitizers and masks.

Prior to this outbreak, Agape implemented COVID-19 protocols to keep everyone healthy. Here early in the pandemic, the students in the secondary school have the temperature taken by the school nurse (an Agape graduate) before entering the classrooms.

William Nsubuga, Agape founder, is asking for our help and our prayers for the children infected, especially Regina, Elizabeth and Alice, who all remain hospitalized with low oxygen levels. As friends and supporters of Agape, we are asking for your support now. It is critical that they receive funds quickly as conditions continue to deteriorate in Uganda, and no vaccines are expected to be available in the near future.

We at SIFAT and those of you served on Agape mission teams have known these children since they were young and know just how vulnerable they are right now. We are asking for your support and your prayers for the safety of the children and staff at Agape as Uganda remains on a strict 42-day lockdown to slow the spread of COVID.

A group of Agape graduates returned to sponsor a medical clinic in 2019 for the surrounding community. Because of SIFAT sponsors, our original Agape children are continuing their education in trade schools and universities.

Please designate your donations for Agape – COVID Relief and mail them to SIFAT or donate online (You will be redirected to SIFAT’s PayPal donation page. Remember to click on “designations or special instructions” and include Agape – COVID Relief in the box.

William Nsububa (left), Agape founder, and SIFAT executive director Tom Corson use an appropriate technology water filter at Agape.


Agape students have the opportunity to learn computer skills in the lab provided by mission teams.