Last night Jarred and I walked into our room after supper and Jarred noticed that there was a bat flying around. This was not our first encounter with bats. There was one in the other room one night and we could not get it out. Being volunteers of SIFAT and being very up to date with appropriate technology Jarred grabbed a broom and I grabbed a guitar. After a minute or two Jarred put the broom down and picked up a video camera and decided that he could be more help getting the bat out of the room by taping me swinging a guitar at it. After about six swings I finally hit it and knocked it into the door. Only slighty stunned the bat got back up and continued to do laps around the room. I finally hit it again and knocked it onto my top bunk. It finally fell behind out beds so moving the bunk bed and using a swift sweeping motion we were able to encourage the bat out of the room and then immediatly break into our we just killed a bat medly. At two oclock I heard what sounded like a grizzly bear on my dresser. I awoke Jarred who told me it was nothing and to go back to sleep. Two seconds later hearing a noise on his side of the room Jarred springs out of bed and asks me what it is. Well that is what I was trying to tell you about Mr. Tucan ,I told him. He shined his light and we see what was a rat about the size of Wisconsin eating my bread. We followed it with the light for about five minutes until it jumped on the window, climbs the screen and shuffles out of the large hole that we both could fit through. We had never seen the hole before and so in my infinite wisdom at two in the morning I decide that if I shove a towel in the hole the rat will not be able to get in. We did not hear from Lordis the Rat anymore last night but the towel is not gonna cut it. Lordis is more persistant than that so we will rig something up tonight, or maybe the Juggernaut will save us. As I was sitting with Elva one of our older students trying to convert the metric system and help her with her physics I remember a time in my life that I said, “why am I taking physics and chemistry I will never use this”. Well I was wrong, little did I know in eleventh grade that three years later in Ixiamas Bolivia I would be doing physics again. God uses us in crazy ways. -Addison-