Medical Team Supplies Help Dr. Ruth Noemi

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Written by SIFAT co-founder Sarah Corson

An urgent call came to Benjo from Dr. Ruth Noemi Mamani in Quesimpuco, Bolivia. Because this is an isolated area, we had hope that the coronavirus would not reach this place, which Tom still calls “the end of the world.” But, a group of youth from Quesimpuco had gone to Chile and Argentina to find work. As the outbreak started, they rushed to get home, crossing the border illegally. They made it home, but brought the virus with them. Dr. Ruth Noemi did not have gloves, masks or protective gear for the health workers helping her.

Dr. Ruth Noemi leads a public health initiative in the Quesimpuco area.

“Help us, Hermano!” she pled with Benjo. “We need masks and gloves!” In the United States, we do not have enough either and have no way of sending them now that Bolivia is closed. But SIFAT teams that have been going to Quesimpuco had left a supply. Benjo told her where he had stored them, and the health workers now have protective gear as they attend those with the virus.

Dr. Ruth Noemi asked Benjo to send their deepest thanks to the SIFAT team members who left the supplies for them. And now, like the rest of the world, she is fighting the coronavirus with all her strength. Pray for Dr. Ruth Noemi and her team. They are praying for us in the United States and thanking God for the medical teams that left supplies to combat this worldwide pandemic.

SIFAT teams provide medical care and leave supplies that can be used by future teams or by our project leaders when needed.

Thank You to our Medical Professionals

Written by Marie Lanier, promotions and marketing coordinator

Each year, doctors, physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists  and other medical professionals use their vacation time to serve on our international medical teams. They selflessly give to provide care for those who have limited access. Our staff sees firsthand the sincere care that each patient receives. Our team members provide more than a diagnosis and medicines; they give hope and encouragement.

Now, these medical professionals are on the front lines in the fight against  COVID-19. It is our turn to serve them. Write a thank you note, drop off a gift card for a meal from a local restaurant  or donate needed supplies. But most importantly, keep them in your daily prayers. Pray for their health, energy, knowledge and endurance.

Thank You to all of our supporters currently in the medical field. We know you give the best care possible, because we experience your love in action on each mission trip.