Do you often turn to your computer to search about a topic in the news, a restaurant menu or maybe even a phone number you need? Now, using GoodSearch, you can search the Internet and raise money for SIFAT at the same time. For each search, GoodSearch donates one penny to SIFAT.

One penny may not seem like much, but let’s do a little math to see what a few people can do. Each month, we mail approximately 2,200 SIFAT Journals. If each person used GoodSearch once a week for a month (4 times), SIFAT would receive $88. If everyone did this for an entire year, SIFAT would receive $1,056.–and that’s without ever increasing your monetary donations.

2200 x 4=$88 x 12 = $1056 = Sharing God’s Love in Practical Ways

Instead, by just donating a little of your time, for a search you are already doing, you have helped SIFAT. GoodSearch gets even better – you can also GoodShop. Many merchants donate a portion of your purchase to SIFAT, and by using GoodShop, you purchase directly from the company of your choice, but raise money for SIFAT in the process.
How do I do this? It’s simple. Visit Type in SIFAT in the box for the cause, then type your topic in the search box, just like similar search engines. To shop, just click on GoodShop. (or go to GoodSearch lets you download toolbars for your Internet browser, letting you have the ability to quickly search for your topics.

The next time you are researching a mission trip to Bolivia or trying to find out how to construct a bamboo house in your backyard, go to and find the answers to your questions, while raising money for SIFAT!

This article appeared in the May issue of the SIFAT Journal. To download a copy of the SIFAT Journal, click here.