” Blessed are the flexible, but they shall not break”. I think the last time I heard this word was from Nate Paulk (SIFAT). However, prior to  coming to SIFAT and relearning this principle, I had learned to live with this early on my in the missionfield. It is actually the grace of God that helped me learn and live with this.

The other Sunday while waiting for my flight from LaPaz to Rurre to go back to Ixiamas, this word was reminded to me.

After 3 hours of waiting for my flight, the TAM airline people announced that the flight was cancelled for the following day. I ended spending the night with a friend near the airport, and flew the following day, after a weird and strange ordeal with the airline crew. Besides that the cause delay to the passengers, I still have to pay them extra money just for them to let me fly after a day delay. Anyway, I got back to Ixiamas last Monday afternoon,  Thank God ! The kids were all happy to see me again.

Im back to my classes everyday. Then Saturday, August 30th, Rachel celebrated her birthday with us. We had a good supper that day, and had a good program afterwards. (Brian, your three little pigs story, is now only two little pigs, and they have grown now).

With the game series, thank God the boys won in the soccer game.Hoorrayy!!! And the girls won also on the footsal. The basketball team still needs to practice more.   

Til next then.Hasta luego ! Vicky

PS I apologize for my grammar and spelling error with my past writings.