Merry Christmas from SIFAT!

During this Christmas season, I want to thank our staff, supporters, board members, international mission teams, Learn & Serve participants, work teams, volunteers and our training graduates who are serving in hard places of the world for joining us in SIFAT’s ministry! Thousands of SIFATers across many countries are working together to share God’s love in practical ways through SIFAT. Those of you receiving this letter are part of that global fellowship with us. God’s Kingdom work is empowered and multiplied when we are united in our efforts for Him. I am deeply thankful for you and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the SIFAT staff!

Your loyalty and generosity are an encouragement to us throughout the year. While pain and suffering seem to dominate the news, there is hope of overcoming because of Christ! Your contributions and prayers have helped SIFAT reach thousands of desperately poor, lonely or lost souls and given them hope again this Christmas season.

I am so thankful that we are part of the great worldwide fellowship who follow Him! I pray that in 2023 we all will truly love Him with all our hearts and love our neighbors as ourselves—continuing to demonstrate this by sharing His love in practical ways to those who have lost hope. Because of you, thousands of children in Ecuador are in school, being tutored in academics, receiving spiritual formation, as well as having hot meals and medical care. These children have become vibrant members of their communities who give back to others. They are the next generation to take the Gospel to our world. Mission teams have helped us provide water for communities in the remote mountains of Bolivia. On our campus in Costa Rica, people have been trained in agricultural methods to feed their own families and share with their communities. Christmas, and the hope it brings, is being celebrated around the world!

SIFAT staff members join me in sending our love and gratitude to you for participating in our vision during these last 43 years to help us make a positive impact to a hurting world, which Christ came to save!

Merry Christmas to you and yours from your SIFAT Family,

Tom Corson, Executive Director